Friday, April 12

meanwhile--while we were sleeping

Wednesday, January 30

You and I Fan Art!

We have decided to move  all our fan art from the you and I blog to the you and I tumblr!  From now on we will post our original works here at the you and i blog.  You can get to you and i fan art from our link list!  

Thanks so much for visiting!!!

Sunday, November 18

Spindlers bid artwork

A year ago, I created some bid artwork for an awesome book
now released called "the Spindlers" and you 
should check out the book, its great!

They went with another artist; so I wanted to practice and take my
 bid art further, as if it were to be animated.

Tuesday, February 14

Robin Hood!

I've been working on Robin Hood in between work and other things :)
These are a few Concepts and Look Development.

Saturday, August 6